Faction changes.

After a while with inactivity and troubles on Stormreaver, plus the fact that the entire old crew has been scattered throughout the entire blizzard realm list and some leaving WoW to play Aion, I’ve decided to faction change my Druid and become a Night Elf on a PvE realm and focus on achievements while having fun without the hardcore raiding aspect. The name is still the same, the talents are still the same, the druid itself is still the same – Just alot more hot.

Nothings that’s worth blogging about has actually happened, but I’ll keep this blog updated from now on so the interested people can follow my future advendtures as a Night Elf, trying to save the world through crazy achievements and my newly required Chef’s Hat.


Real life and inGame troubles

Let me get to the point, without any sidestories or the funky comments I’m known for.
I’ve semi rerolled Alliance, semi. I’ve even skipped out on a few raids so I could lvl my little gnome. I feel ashamed, and a bit dirty.

There’s a reason for it tho, a valid one. I know that if I keep playing my beloved druid, I’ll end up as the hardcore raider again, the one that does nothing but farm all day to get pots, elixirs and buff food ready for the evenings raid. That’s all I did yes. I farmed like a chinese dwarf who had to feed his 6 children and the rest of the village from the gold he farmed on some powerleveled green geared hunter.

I’m actually enjoying my little gnome. She’s cute and adorable, and she hits freaking hard while she soloes everything except instances with her giant fatass 2handed axe. I like tanking, and I always had. Maybe this will change the entire experience of the game for me? Who knows. I don’t.

Ps: I miss you Rianne.

Edit: I forgot all about the irl issues. I’m unemployed, cba to look for anything serious either, even tho I really want to, but there’s just nothing around that reaches my inner ego. I want a job where I can be creative and not be the responsable one. I do NOT want to be the boss. I want to take orders and feel that I actually accomplish something else than making other people accomplish something. Oh, and I met this girl, and my pillow still carry her scent – and I can’t stop sniffing to it.

So, the time has come

Nex is dying. Slowly, and painfully.

Nobody is giving a crap about the current raiding situation. Our raidleader is’nt showing up for the scheduled raids, when there’s actually scheduled anything. Almost everyone is focusing on alts and I am no exception. I’ve started looking for another guild, not because I want to, neither because I’m forced to, but because there’s nothing left in the guild that makes me want to stay. Sen is out doing her thing, which she needs to do and she better do it because I want to see her get better. Shiver is just sick and tired of the game. Nicki transferred back to his friends server to be a casual player and the rest of my oldgaming friends dissapeared after me and Sara broke up after her last visit to Denmark. I miss Johann and our arena play so damn much.

I got 3 options.

1) sit it out and see what happens.
2) find another guild where I can satisfy my raiding needs.
3) focus on my mage which I’ve fallen in love with again.

I don’t really know if I wanna go back to the hardcore raiding anyway, not now that I got the chance to have more time with my mom and littlebrother now that we all live under the same roof again. If the attempt to get into another guild fails, I’ll go back to my old school pvp focus and fancy the 1850+ rating on my mage (have to get him to 80 tho, but there’s not far)

Anyone who wants to have a healer spot on a 3v3 team with a hunter and a mage?

The User Interface #1

As you can see on some of my screenshots, there’s not a single pizel left of the original User Interface, and I’m not afraid to admit that I’m addicted to addons. The standard interface in WoW, is, to say it simple, not fulfilling my needs. I want unitframes where my mouse cursor is, easy access to all my actionbars and all unnecessary information hidden so my overview on the raid won’t get clustered with unusable information.

Step 1) Purpose.
– What do you need your UI for? Raiding, solo play, 5man groups or pvp? If it’s for pvp or raiding you need to decide the size of the team, 2v2, 3v3? 10 man instances or 25 man? Your class has a significant role in what information needs to be shown and what to leave out aswell, keep this is mind. Why have 25 unitframes clustering your screen if you’re a rogue when you don’t have to monitor the raid and just focus on your surroundings while dps’ing and minimize aoe damage to ease the healers job?

Step 2) Looks.

– WoW is all about the looks. Need I to say more? MMO-Champion is a good place to find ideas. Just get in their UI section and a sticky with “Post your UI” is at the top.

Step 3) The right addons.
– What addons do you need to alter the parts of your interface that you want? Where to find these? Curse.com is the salvation and will fulfill all your needs. Step 2 will also tell you what addons are used if you’ve found a UI that looks good for your needs.

Step 4) Creating the ultimate UI.
– Get started already! Personally, then I like to set up each addon by itself and position each part where I want it (not exactly, but near the final position) to see if it’s actually possible to make the UI as I wanted it.

I wish you luck with your interface creation, and I will post my own, with comments about each addon listed within the next few days so stay tuned.

Diplomatic stances and an Albino Drake.


What to do when you’re absolutely bored to death? Well, I’ve been grinding, grinding alot, and after 6 hours in Underbog I finally got the 220 Sanquine Hibiscus I need to earn exalted status with Sporregar, the mushroom people of Zaangarmarsh. It was a long and very boring grind, but luckily I had some fellow guildies cheering me up on ventrilo. Jokes about Esco from Africa and Swedish people where flying around and we had a blast. I love you guys.


Tons of gold spent, but well spent. I finally got my Albino Drake. and while Wildbloom is only a few months old, I got 5015 Achievement Points, most from professions, quests and reputations. What’s next then? Argent Dawn reputation? Icecrown quests? I have no idea to be honest, but let’s wait and see, when the day comes, where I once again get’s bored to death and starts some crazy grind.


So, after a few hours on html coding Isaveyou’s design layout for the new guilds’ site and farming some Mag’har rep (Achievement Whore) I get called to help out in Ulduar 10 man, hard mode. We’re at General Vezax, everything goes flawlessly, untill the damn add spawns and Vezax goes nuts with Surge of Darkness and instantly kills our tanking warrior. Vezax is at 35%, the healers mana are where it is supposed to be (I’m personally at 80% – around 16000), and yet, we fail. We skipped him and did it in normal mode, Yoggie too the fat bastard, since some people had to leave at 02 am.

But, I got what I came for, Devotion – I got a better MH + OH combo from 25man Ulduar, but that staff is pure, rawr. Seriously. Period.
– Finally got my Ulduar achievement too. Everything cleared now, except Yogg in 25 man – and there might be a chance with some cooperation with another fuild that has suffered the immense blow from the summer holidays.

Goodnight Ladies and Gentlemen, I will stand back and get settled in the hay for a silent nights sleep.

A little tree and her hunter

My hunter in 2v2’s gametime ran out, and we need to do our weekly arenas. Need to get that rating up and we’re starting to get there. Last week, we managed to get over the 1200 mark but we lost the last match so we ended up 1196. The goal is still to get up to 1500 of course, but we’re both new to the arena aspect, atleast with these characters, and I’ve only pvp’ed in the higher ranks of arena on my rogue who is retired now – and let me assure you, it’s quite different to heal in arenas than running around facerolling stunlocks.

The hunter will get gametime later today, then we’ll get past that damn 1200 mark, unless Ulduar gets in our way ofc.

Furthermore, then we have to find a solid member for 3v3’s since Blizzard decided to make 2v2 rating useless in the upcomming patch. Think we’re going for a rogue or a death knight.